In the blood

Other than vague memories of riding in a sidecar with my brother and sister crammed in with me while riding up to visit relatives up North, I never realized just how much of a connection I had with two wheels until recently.

While rummaging through an old shoe box of delicate, black and white photographs, I saw several images of men and women posing on some really cool old bikes. Consulting with my parents I found out that I had come from a long line of “bikers”

Mom and Dad cruised around Tyneside on his ’49 Triumph Tiger until he traded to a newer BSA Golden Flash, which I believe to be the one the sidecar was attached to when ‘us kids’ arrived.. My Mom’s brothers also had various bikes from Triumph to Brough Superiors and the photos were all there for me to get excited about. Then as the  photos started looking older, I found a shot of my Granddad sitting on a what looks like a Rudge. Surprisingly, I came across an image of a young girl posing on an early 30’s British Excelsior- That was Grandma Daisy at about 18 sitting astride her dad’s bike . Yes, GREAT Granddad had one too.

Wow- It was definitely in the blood!

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